Numinous Creative



Numinous Creative is the answer to helping business owners take charge of their story. After noticing the resounding need for creative, and more personalized modes of marketing and storytelling, within the industry of real estate, Numinous began helping Portland realtors connect with their audiences and help their businesses grow. Now, their efforts extend beyond the industry of real estate, as they seek to help service-based businesses tell their story authentically. Portland marketing for Portland business.


Prassede Kemp, Owner

Prassede, owner of Numinous Creative, comes from a long background of creative professions. A long time professional photographer and writer, Prassede first got her M.A. from Portland State University in Conflict Resolution. She went on to travel and work extensively in refugee aid and reparations before coming back to Portland, her birthplace.


Eldridge Huntington, Creative Producer

I love to see someone accomplish their goals. The underdog story gets me every time. I’m sappy like that. I love the pure beauty of the PNW. That’s why I’m raising my kids here. Every day I know they have access to things I only imagined as a kid. I bike, I camp, I cook, I brew. I’m in love with connection. I think that’s one of the most valuable things we can take away from our time here. Getting to know each other. Previously I have connected through telling stories. I worked in the motion picture industry for 14 years. I’ve been on the business side as well as the design and decoration side. I loved them both. This work gave me confidence that I can make the impossible possible. Creating unbelievable environments and making the unbelievable believable. Logistics, creativity, and teamwork are necessary here and I sharpen those skills daily. I now connect with people by helping them through one of the biggest decisions of their lives. By helping them find and purchase their homes. There is no better story than the one that has just begun. I love to be a part of that. With Numinous I feel I can bring the creativity of my work in the film along with the pragmatism and care necessary in real estate to help you tell your story.

I am Eldridge Huntington Creative Producer at Numinous. What’s your story?